What is the AI tech behind Klynk?

"Klynk currently uses the large language model of OpenAI specifically Da Vinci to generate its response. We may optimize and use a higher or a lower model depending on the complexity of the use case. Additionally, Klynk has its own AI models, including graph AI, to further optimize outcomes as needed."

Why does Klynk require users to provide their own OpenAI API key?

Klynk uses OpenAI API for its AI capabilities. With your own API key, Klynk personalizes results to your specific use case. We prioritize contextual intelligence and transparency, avoiding credit-based content and arbitrage. Our goal is to provide value through a personalized AI solution.

Is my OpenAI API key safe?

At Klynk, we take data security very seriously. Your OpenAI API key is stored in an encrypted and secure format using industry-standard practices. You can be confident that your API key is safe with us. If you'd like to learn more about our privacy policy, please follow this link: Privacy Policy.

Additionally, you have the option to revoke your API key at any time directly from the OpenAI platform.

What does “Whoops! OpenAI is taking longer than the usual” warning message mean? How does it affect me?

The "Whoops! OpenAI is taking longer than usual" message means that the OpenAI API is taking longer than usual to respond to your request. This can happen due to high server load or connectivity issues. It does not have any long-term effects on your account or data.

If you frequently encounter this message or experience prolonged delays, contact Klynk support for assistance. To ensure full access to OpenAI features and resources, we recommend upgrading to a paid plan. 

The free plan may have limitations on usage and availability that could impact Klynk's AI capabilities.

Is there a limit to the number of campaigns and the combination of campaigns that I can generate? 

Klynk enables you to generate campaigns and sequences according to your assigned subscription plan, without any other restrictions. It's important to note, however, that OpenAI API key usage is subject to limits set by OpenAI.

How can I confirm that my OpenAI API key is valid?

Once you add your API key, please be sure to press the "Get Started" button on your Chrome extension. This will validate your API key and a green check mark will confirm that it is valid. It's important to note that this only validates the key itself and does not verify if the API has credits or will work.

If you're experiencing any issues with your API key or have any questions about validating it, please don't hesitate to contact Klynk support for assistance.

Can I change my openAI API key?

Yes, you can update your OpenAI API key in your Klynk account settings by replacing the old key with the new one. However, it's important to note that the new API key will only work once it has been validated by clicking the "Get Started" button in your Klynk Chrome extension.