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Klynk augments Marketing, Customer Success, and Sales with AI-powered Emails!

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Build Authentic Relationships through Email!

Use the power of goal-oriented email campaigns. Let us do the thinking for you, so you can focus on building meaningful connections.

Elevate Human Creativity with the Power of AI

Less Time, More Emails!

Create Custom Campaigns in Minutes - Klynk's AI for Time-Saving Efficiency

Grow with Certainty

Drive predictable growth and achieve your goals confidently.

Personalization at Scale

Tailor email content to goals, ensure impact and relevance.

Install the chrome extension and get going!

Our chrome extension is simple to install and get started, so you can create custom email campaigns in minutes!

Choose your Campaigns and Sequences

Select campaign types such as sign up for trial and pick relevant sequences.. Tailor inputs for high-impact email campaigns.

Integrate Campaigns Seamlessly

Seamlessly integrate with CRM, Email, Analytics, Support and Billing systems to create data-driven campaigns with Klynk.

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“Klynk is a revenue leader's dream come true! Creating custom, high-impact email cadences is a breeze, and the tool automatically generates copy based on my CRM and Marketing Automation data. Wow, the future is here!”

Evan James, CEO of Platinum

Unlock Success with the Power of These Features

Can handle multiple functions

Create email campaigns for multiple functions of growth marketing, customer success and sales.

Customize and personalize

Create customized and personalized campaigns for specific personas, use cases and sequences, tailored to meet your goals.

Easy integrations to CRM and Email

Pre-built integrations into leading CRM and email platforms. Push ready-made emails directly with Klynk.

Designed for your privacy

We respect your privacy and take it seriously.

Writing Emails? Don't Think, Just Klynk!

With Klynk, you can save time and drive impressive results. Experience the power of AI augmentation in creating human-like emails.

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Create email in minutes

Create multiple sequences with ease

Customize tone for different audiences

Personalize by roles, titles and industry

Offer free trials with easy setup

Create discount offer emails

Embed industry keywords into your emails

Integrates seamlessly with your CRM and email system