Supercharge your GTM teams with AI powered co-pilots

Personalized campaigns and workflows. Using your data.

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Ditch the List, Start Building Relationships!

Leverage the power of co-pilot assists. Let Klynk do the heavy lifting, so you can concentrate on nurturing valuable relationships.

Mix and Match Human Creativity with the Power of AI

Ready-Made Campaigns, in a Flash!

Get nuanced, ready-made campaigns at AI-speed in minutes.

Navigate Customer Journeys with Ease

Engage customers at every stage, from 'Sign-up for Trial' to 'Renewal'.

Personalized Content, Maximized Impact

Use data to personalize content, tailor for personas, drive results.

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Our Chrome extension is simple to install and get started, so you can create email campaigns with sequences in minutes!

Klynk Bot for GTM

All your company's data at your finger tips. Leverage Klynk Bot to assist you in crafting your campaigns. Be it marketing, sales or customer success.

Integrate Campaigns Seamlessly

Seamlessly integrate with 20+ CRM, email, analytics, support, billing and other GTM platforms to create data-driven campaigns with Klynk.

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“Klynk is a revenue leader's dream come true! Creating custom, high-impact email cadences is a breeze, and the tool automatically generates copy based on my CRM and marketing automation data. Wow, the future is here!”

Evan James, CEO of Platinum

Features That Fuel Your Success

One Tool Many possibilities

Run diverse campaigns for marketing, customer success, and sales.

Customize with Care

Create targeted campaigns for specific personas and use cases.

Personalize with Precision

Craft tone, keywords, and length to personalize your emails.

Designed for your privacy

We respect your privacy and take it seriously.

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Save time, drive results. Use AI to connect with customers and boost conversions.

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Create email in minutes

Create multiple sequences with ease

Customize tone for different audiences

Personalize by roles, titles and industry

Offer free trials with easy setup

Create discount offer emails

Embed industry keywords into your emails

Integrates seamlessly with your CRM and email system